Our Culture and Beliefs

At the Success for All Foundation, our goal is to help all students achieve at the highest levels—not just children who come to school well fed, well rested, and ready to learn, but everyone, at all levels, whatever it takes.
We believe all students deserve an education that will challenge, inspire, and prepare them for a better future. Our top priority is the education of disadvantaged and at-risk students in pre-K through grade eight. We use research to design programs and services that help schools better meet the needs of all their students. Every child can learn. We help schools ensure that they do.

                       “In my 30 years of teaching, I have never seen such
                       a comprehensive approach to working with a child,” 
                                                    Susan Iniguez, Roosevelt School

Our Core Beliefs:

All children can learn.
It sounds trendy, but the Success for All Foundation was founded on the notion that every child can and will learn, although not always in precisely the same ways. As educators, it is our responsibility to be relentless in the search for what works with each child, accepting no excuses and no failures. The Success for All Foundation assists schools in identifying and implementing strategies designed to reach every single student, and we are dedicated to providing the full array of supports that will help every child reach his or her full potential.

Schools can make the difference.
Because schools have contact with virtually all of our nation’s youngsters, they also have the power to make a tremendous difference in the lives and futures of these children, and they deserve all of our thanks, praise, and support for carrying out this important work. The Success for All Foundation is committed to working with schools and administrations to provide services that help them to meet their goals of a quality education for all students.

Family and community involvement is key.
Schools can have an impact on their students’ lives, but that effect is made even stronger through the involvement of family and community, creating a web of support that sustains children both inside and outside of school hours. Because not every community needs or wants the same solutions, the Success for All Foundation believes in working with sites to identify areas of particular importance or potential influence and then helping them to develop solutions that fit their unique settings.

Research tells us what works.
Education is not about guesswork or shooting in the dark. It’s about expanding the use of proven solutions in classrooms and schools. At the Success for All Foundation, everything we do is built on a solid research base, with products and practices that are extensively tested in the field. Each program has also undergone rigorous study by outside reviewers. And we encourage schools and districts to pursue a similar focus on using data to make daily and long-term decisions. We don’t have time to waste on guessing games—our children’s education is at stake.

We must all be relentless.
The future of our children depends on their knowing how to think, read, write, and compute. The future of our country and our world depends on our children. That means we must all be relentless in our pursuit of what works. At the Success for All Foundation, we pledge to do everything in our power to help schools make a difference in the lives of their students. We ask that you do the same. Together, with a relentless sense of personal responsibility and a focus on the individual child, we can work wonders.