Reading Roots 4th Edition

Reading Roots 4th Edition is a ninety-minute comprehensive program that targets the needs  of beginning readers. Reading Roots is a research-based beginning-reading program that provides a strong base for successful reading through systematic phonics instruction supported by decodable stories, along with instruction in fluency and comprehension. Reading Roots also fosters students’ love of reading by providing rich literature experiences, extensive oral-language development, and thematically focused writing instruction. These objectives are embedded in a fast-paced, engaging, and highly effective instructional process. Students are assessed and regrouped according to their reading level every quarter to ensure that they receive the most focused instruction.

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How is Reading Roots 4th Edition structured?

Reading Roots is built around forty-eight lessons. Separated into four levels, it supports concept development in oral-language development, phonemic awareness, phonics, word skills, fluency, and writing. Second and third grade nonreaders can be regrouped into Reading Roots classes. 

Reading Roots provides a strong base for successful reading due to its emphasis on systematic phonics instruction through FastTrack Phonics. This phonics instruction is supported by decodable stories, and instruction in fluency and comprehension. In addition to providing the necessary basis for strong reading, Reading Roots fosters students’ love of reading by providing rich literary experiences, extensive oral-language development, and thematically focused writing instruction. Click here to learn more about these components.

What teacher supports are provided?

Reading Roots 4th Edition includes all the elements needed to ensure success: teacher manuals, student materials, initial training for teachers, intensive onsite and telephone coaching, and tools to monitor students progress.

In addition, the following award-winning videos are included to help engage and motivate students:

  • The Animated Alphabet – Cartoons that teach letter-sound correspondence
  • The Sound and the Furry – Skits starring Alphie the Alligator and his puppet friends help your students hear and say sounds in words, blend words, spell, read fluently, and comprehend what they read.
  • Word Plays – Video skits that teach the vocabulary from the Success for All Shared Stories; they are particularly helpful for English language learners.
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Reading Roots 4th Edition–Interactive

In addition, Reading Roots 4th Edition–Interactive is available. It includes a CD with interactive lessons for use with a whiteboard*. Highlights of Reading Roots 4th Edition–Interactive include:
  • All media traditionally used with the Roots program (letter key cards, picture cards, word cards, animations, puppet skits, word plays, etc.) are tightly integrated into lessons so they can be managed and presented by the teacher simply by tapping and dragging on the whiteboard.
  • The ability to independently choose a lesson from the CD to reteach a reading lesson.
  • New computer activities such as Break-It-Down, Stretch and Read, and Quick Erase ensure student motivation and engagement.
  • Brief professional-development clips that model each lesson segment are provided.
Click here for a sample Reading Roots 4th Edition–Interactive lesson.

Professional Development and Coaching

One key to Reading Roots success is the in-depth professional development provided by the SFAF point coaches to support teachers' daily implementation.

Program Introduction
The two-day initial training prepares teachers to implement Reading Roots. The training focuses on:
  • phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, word-recognition strategies, fluency, and comprehension;
  • elements of the lessons that provide engaging images, routines, and the practice needed to ensure success for each student;
  • tools for assessing students’ progress and adapting lessons based on assessments to meet individual and group needs;
  • cooperative-learning strategies that provide the practice and repetition beginning readers need;
  • support for administrators to monitor and improve program administration; and 
  • a one-day training for school leaders in assessment tools and regrouping strategies. In addition, there is training in program monitoring and coaching.

Goal-Focused Achievement Planning
Goal-focused achievement planning sets the stage for success. School leaders and your SFAF coach develop specific goals and monitor student progress. every quarter, Reading Roots teachers, schools leaders, and your SFAF coach review student progress data. Goals and interventions for the following quarter are planned based on this data.

Ongoing Coaching and Support
As the year progresses, you will have a variety of ways to work with your SFAF coach to review your progress and refine your goals.

Scope and Sequence

Reading Roots 4th Edition is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and targets phonemic awareness, phonics, and oral language development beginning in first grade. Click here to find out more about the Reading Roots scope and sequence.   


* Reading Roots-Interactive will work with any interactive whiteboard systems.