Teacher-to-Teacher Support Tools

Success for All partnership schools and teachers do more than have meetings or solve immediate problems together; with our help, they organize themselves and their resources to make a lasting impact through component-specific teams, another element of Leading for Success. As teachers become more familiar with Success for All, their focus shifts from logistics and lesson structure to student progress.
The first step to building a teacher component team is committing to the time to work together. Setting a meeting schedule is essential. SFAF materials and resources, including telephone and onsite time with SFAF coaches, are designed to support your school’s implementation and ongoing learning through component teams. Online resources provide component team agendas, multimedia tools, and other resources to sustain the process.

With the various supports available, teachers leave component team meetings feeling refreshed and enlightened. SFAF coaches work with schools to set up effective meetings that avoid wasting time on making announcements or solving problems that are best covered in one-to-one meetings. Keeping component team meetings focused on problem solving and skill sharing ensures that the objectives of each meeting are met.
SFAF coaches work with schools to establish component team meetings early in the school year. This helps to establish the expectation that the meetings will happen on given days each month so component team members will plan around them. Our tools help set up processes that clearly address questions that have arisen since the last meeting to ensure consistency in the dissemination of information.
In the beginning, component team meetings will probably focus on helping teachers understand how to implement the curriculum. Eventually, component team meetings will serve as an opportunity to analyze student-achievement data as a means to inform instruction. Using component team meetings as a way to help teachers begin to look at their instruction and at their students’ results will help to ensure that the connection between program and student outcomes remains central to implementation.

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