Schoolwide Solutions Teams

Schoolwide Solutions teams are a crucial component of the Success for All Foundation’s Leading for Success process. Once a school has established its goals and targets, the school begins the hard task of designing effective interventions. Effective change is most likely to occur if interventions are systemic and schoolwide. The Success Network is a key vehicle in developing a variety of interventions that utilize a cross section of the school community to address identified student needs.

Who makes up the schoolwide Solutions teams?

Members of the schoolwide Solutions teams represent all areas of the school. In a small school, the network might be made up of most of the faculty; in a larger school, the network will include individuals who are responsible for representing their particular area or aspect of the school
Members of the schoolwide Solutions teams agree to participate in the Success Network meetings at the end of each grading period. They also agree to serve on at least one of five Solutions teams.
  • Attendance
  • Interventions
  • Parent and Family Involvement
  • Community Connections
  • Cooperative Culture
The Success Network meets at the end of each grading period to assess the effectiveness of its interventions and to make any necessary changes based on the grading-period data. This maintains not only a systems perspective on interventions but also greater accountability.

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Scope and Focus of the Success Network 

The Success Network components use a prescribed process to identify the breadth of the problem (scope) and the place to begin intervention (focus). The scope of a problem could be schoolwide, a particular subgroup, or an individual child. Once the scope of a problem has been determined, interventions that focus at the appropriate level are designed. By assessing the scope of the program and focusing intervention at the right level, tough problems become solvable. 

Component Essentials

Each of the five components includes essential initiatives. Through the years, these initiatives have been identified by Success for All as common best practices used in various SFAF schools. They are tools designed to provide structure and direction to the program components. Some initiatives are more appropriate at one level of intervention than another. Each of these components and the essential initiatives are covered in depth during training and can be reinforced and tailored to a school by a Leading for Success coach.