Success for All United Kingdom

Success for All United Kingdom disseminates research-proven programs and practices originally developed at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore by Dr. Robert Slavin and Dr. Nancy Madden. In 1997, the Centre for Teacher and School Development, led by Professor David Hopkins and Dr. Alma Harris at the University of Nottingham, began working with the new Nottingham City LEA to develop a small pilot scheme—an adaptation of Success for All for schools in England and Scotland. At that time, the program was launched in five primary schools in the Meadows area of the inner city. After just one year, there was evidence of students making considerable progress in reading levels; in some cases, there was as much as one year's progress in one term.

Currently, Success for All United Kingdom works with more than 200 different schools across the United Kingdom, from West Lothian in Scotland to Bromley, Bristol, and Bridgewater. The majority of these schools are in
low-socioeconomic areas. In all schools, the program has made an impact on the percentage of children achieving age-appropriate national curriculum levels.

Since 2007, Success for All United Kingdom has been working in partnership with the Institute for Effective Education (IEE) at the University of York on a number of research projects investigating the impact of using cooperative-learning strategies in a variety of subject areas across all major grade levels.

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