SFA and Johns Hopkins University

The Success for All Foundation disseminates research-proven programs and practices originally developed by Dr. Robert Slavin and Dr. Nancy Madden at John’s Hopkins University. After two decades, the Success for All Foundation continues to maintain a strong association with Johns Hopkins University’s mission of supporting and advancing the quality of education and human services for the continuous development of children, youth, and adults.

Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education

The Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) works to improve the quality of education for children in grades pre-K through 12. Within CRRE, a federally funded research center, the Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (CDDRE), was created to help low-performing schools meet their state's academic performance standards. CDDRE uses student-performance data to determine effective plans for meeting state standards, provide information on program effectiveness, and evaluate the success of data-driven reform strategies. CRRE works with the nonprofit Success for All Foundation to develop, research, and disseminate reading programs in grades pre-K through 12. CRRE also develops the Best Evidence Encyclopedia, which provides unbiased, practical reviews about the strength of evidence supporting a range of educational programs.

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