PowerTeaching: Mathematics

What is PowerTeaching?

PowerTeaching is an instructional multiday framework composed of research-proven instructional strategies that increase student achievement. PowerTeaching provides teachers with a clear and simple structure for framing their mathematics instruction no matter which curriculum or textbook they use.


The PowerTeaching professional-development series will give you a fresh approach to instruction that can be directly applied to your mathematics textbook or curriculum. Using a Cycle of Effective Instruction and cooperative-learning strategies, you and your colleagues will create a professional learning community to support your PowerTeaching implementation and instruction.

To ensure effective implementation, the PowerTeaching professional-development series incorporates ongoing coaching and support both inside and outside the classroom. Ultimately, PowerTeaching empowers students to work together to improve their understanding of mathematics concepts and encourages students to take ownership of their learning during multiple opportunities for practice and evaluation. Simply put, PowerTeaching leads to academic success by establishing a student-centered classroom through the use of compelling concept presentations, assessments for learning, and student learning teams.

PowerTeaching Workshop Series

Throughout the course of the year, you and your colleagues will participate in five workshops that are designed to refine your use of the PowerTeaching framework. A description of each workshop is listed below.

Workshop series (Year one)

Initial Workshop — Building a Foundation for PowerTeaching: Mathematics The initial two-day workshop lays the foundation for PowerTeaching and is a comprehensive introduction to the Slavin model of cooperative learning. Participants will experience the Cycle of Effective Instruction and begin to learn how to establish student teams, cooperative-learning structures, and onsite teacher partnerships. Connections between basal math curriculum(s) and the PowerTeaching framework are made, and planning time is provided to align curriculum. This workshop incorporates age-specific research and models and is designed to prepare teachers of high schoolers to implement PowerTeaching appropriately for their students.

Workshop 2 — Refining Teamwork The second workshop provides participants with an opportunity to focus on the Teamwork element of the Cycle of Effective Instruction and to refine the use of student teams in their classrooms through strategy identification and targeted problem solving. Participants will develop a clearer understanding of team interdependence and how to foster a cooperative environment.

Workshop 3 — Refining Active Instruction The third workshop focuses on the Active Instruction element of the Cycle of Effective Instruction, offering participants detailed lesson-planning and instruction strategies. Participants are introduced to several cognitive frameworks and guided through their application in the classroom.

Workshop 4 — Refining Assessment and Celebration The fourth workshop addresses both the Assessment and Celebration elements of the Cycle of Effective Instruction, and allows participants to refine their use of both. Participants explore differentiation in assessment strategies and are introduced to new tracking and monitoring resources.