Online Data Tools

Data-management tools that link day-to-day classroom performance in reading with quarterly benchmarks make data easy to use for real discussion and decision making throughout the year. A secure, simple online database called Member Center organizes school and student data so teachers and school leaders can set goals, see progress at a glance, celebrate frequently, and identify problem areas quickly.
Member Center allows each teacher to have an ongoing record of their students’ progress to facilitate differentiated instruction, celebration of students’ successes, and easy communications with parents. The tool tracks the quality of students’ spoken and written responses to questions related to the texts they read, and their use of key reading-comprehension strategies. The reports address phonics skills, vocabulary development, and comprehension strategy use, and they are available at the touch of a button to all staff members. Roll-up reports produce summaries at the classroom, school, and district levels across grading periods. 

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