The Reading Edge Middle Grades

The Reading Edge Middle Grades
Second Edition


Prepare Adolescents for College and Career Readiness

The Reading Edge has more evidence of effectiveness than any other middle school reading program. And now it’s even better. The Success for All Reading Edge Middle Grades program targets the needs of adolescent learners through systematic reading instruction at each student’s instructional level. Students develop the skills and strategies necessary to be successful in rigorous subject-area classes and to transition smoothly into high school courses.

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is the core of the Reading Edge. Students work in four-member teams to help one another advance in reading. Group goals and individual accountability focus teams on ensuring the success of all. Reading discussions prepare kids for Common Core assessments and turn your classroom into a book club, where engaged students read for pleasure and meaning, and videos model effective cooperative-learning strategies.

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Targeted Teaching – Differentiated Instruction

Students in the Reading Edge are grouped according to reading levels, from basic to honors. They are evaluated every quarter and rapidly advanced toward or above grade level.  This rapid progress excites students who may not have experienced reading success in the past.

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New! Engaging Background Videos

New Reading Edge 2nd Edition background videos prepare and motivate students to read. Like movie trailers for books, these videos entice students and provide historical, scientific, and cultural background information about the books that the students are going to read.

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Assessment, Feedback, and Goal Setting

In the Reading Edge, students and teachers are aware of students’ reading levels and make ambitious plans for growth. Quarterly assessments, aligned with the Common Core or other state standards, give teachers and students opportunities to evaluate progress and give students the opportunity to advance as rapidly as possible.

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Exciting Lessons: The Cycle of Effective Instruction

The Reading Edge provides teachers with everything they need to instruct exciting, interactive lessons. This includes content for interactive whiteboards or computers with projectors to introduce novels and factual materials, teach comprehension skills, introduce cooperative-learning skills, and more. Team Treasure Hunts structure team discussions around close reading, prediction, clarification, and other metacognitive skills. A cycle of effective instruction organizes lessons around active instruction, teamwork, assessment, and celebration.

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Professional Development and Ongoing Support

The Success for All Foundation has middle school-experienced coaches who work with school staffs to implement and constantly improve the Reading Edge. They will be there for you to help all staff succeed.

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Proven by Research!

Studies have compared students in the Reading Edge to those in matched control schools. In every study, students in the Reading Edge showed greater gains on standardized tests.

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Tested in Schools Like Yours

Schools all over the U.S. have experienced the power of the Reading Edge.

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