Engage Students

The Importance of Fun

Success for All believes that a fun and engaging environment is essential for learning. In a Success for All classroom, students have multiple opportunities to discuss new concepts with their peers—individuals with similar levels of understanding. They get to try out new ideas and ask questions in a small group before speaking to the whole class or finishing a written product. Students discuss and defend their ideas or solutions with teammates, learn to think problems through, support their own opinions, and critically consider the opinions of others before coming to a conclusion. And they learn that in the end, the responsibility for learning still rests with them. Research shows that opportunities for cognitive rehearsal, clarification, and reteaching have a positive effect on academic achievement.

Listen to what students have to say about SFA.

Cooperative Learning - Collaboration with a Purpose

Success for All programs are aligned with a cooperative learning model that was originally developed at Johns Hopkins University. Click here to find out more about Success for All Foundation’s instructional process.

Using Media to Engage Students

Brief, humorous video segments included in teachers' lessons illustrate key concepts and demonstrate cooperative learning. Check out the sample clips below to see how fun learning can be!