Involve Teachers

Today more than 1,000 schools across the nation are implementing Success for All as part of their school-improvement efforts. Title I, SIG, and charter schools all use Success for All, and they have found that Success for All improves reading scores, increases parental and community involvement, and gains widespread endorsement from school teachers and principals.

Comprehensive Tools and Classroom Resources

Success for All, which is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, provides teachers with comprehensive tools and resources to aid in their instruction. Success for All programs are designed around a proven cycle of instruction that gradually transitions the responsibility of learning from the teacher to the students. Programs are supported by teacher guides, classroom materials, and student resources that have been designed to maximize the results of cooperative learning. Ongoing coaching and support enable teachers to implement the program with fidelity to meet the needs of their students. For more information, click below.

Early Childhood




Developing a Community of Success

Teachers meet twice a month to share successes and solve problems. These meetings are designed to help teachers focus on specific instructional strategies and are supported by video vignettes and examples of student work.

The most successful Success for All schools and teachers work together to solve problems for their students; they organize themselves and their resources to make a lasting impact. As schools become familiar with their Success for All programs, focus shifts from logistics and lesson structure to rapid student advancement. Teachers are given the structures to build teacher teams that work together over time and in specific areas to support one another in maximizing student growth through program implementation.

In addition to materials and resources, teachers benefit from telephone, e-mail and onsite support from their Success for All coaches. The goal is to provide consistent support, empower teachers, strengthen implementations, and provide ongoing professional development.

Teachers choose Success for All.

Success for All is a schoolwide effort. Schools considering adopting Success for All must obtain a 75% vote in favor of adopting the program. Typically, after one to three years of implementation, the vast majority of teachers continue to support the program.