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Member Center 2.0:  Launching July 1, 2011!

Originally launched in 2004, Member Center has grown and evolved to keep pace with schools’ and districts’ data needs.  Over time, it’s become clear that there are tools and processes that could be more elegantly designed, and that there are additional features that would tremendously benefit our partner schools and districts. 

Here’s what’s being enhanced!

  • Fresh look, starting with the login page and continuing through the site;
  • More intuitive navigation and color-coding;
  • Bigger “workspace” within the site;
  • A school year start-up checklist to help schools/users figure out what they need to do first;
  • Improved importing capabilities;
  • Internal messaging will tell the end-user if actions are required on anything specific (imports, accepting transfers, etc.)
  • Elimination of duplicate tools that do the same thing;
  • Embedded instructions within the site (as opposed to digging through resource guides).
  • Reporting:
    • Bundles of schools have called in with requests to alter a report so that it contains one additional piece of data, etc. The new programming language allows us to export data that’s returned in a search, which will in turn allow end-users to basically search for and export almost any data they want.
    • Schoolwide roll-up reports on reading components (Roots, Wings, Edge, Edge High School) as opposed to reporting limited to the classroom level.

Want to take a look at Member Center 2.0?


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