Our Approach

Classroom Programs

Success for All Foundation programs are designed to instill a love of learning in children, and the framework to pursue it at each stage of their development. By giving struggling students the means to achieve literacy, matching or exceeding their peers in other schools, we set them up for lifetime of success.

Our early childhood and elementary programs are built around cooperative frameworks, with lessons enriched and made fun with multimedia, puppet skills and videos.

Preschoolers are engaged with engaging discussion and motivating challenges every day. Elementary students are given effective instruction in critical academic and social skills, with interactive lessons are fully aligned to the common core state standards.

Our middle and high school programs extend cooperative learning with detailed, proven effective lesson plans. Students acquire the skills and strategies they need to read, comprehend and critically dissect complex texts. SFAF programs are designed to accelerate the development of struggling older students, so they achieve at or above their grade levels.

Class Rooms