Imagine preschool classrooms in which children are expanding their vocabularies and building math, science, art, music and interpersonal skills. They do it by playing games, singing songs, hearing stories and making up their own, engaging in make believe and much more. Join Curiosity Cat, Chilly the Penguin and Squeaky the Squirrel as they introduce students to concepts and skills that help them talk, imagine and discover!

Curiosity Corner includes:

  • A strong focus on oral-language and vocabulary development and assessment.
  • Built-in scaffolds and prompts to help students thoroughly learn procedures and cooperative learning structures.
  • Many opportunities for student interaction and partner work.
  • Integration of social-emotional skills and strategies.
  • Professional development for teachers, including online resources.
  • Interactive whiteboard compatibility.
  • Online data tools and analysis.
  • Integration of videos, including Sesame Workshop ones, to enhance instruction.


In Curiosity Corner, the principles of developmentally appropriate practice are interwoven through concrete, age-appropriate activities that target nine developmental domains.

Curiosity Corner provides children with a wide array of literacy-enhancing experiences to promote their language and literacy development so they will be better prepared to enter kindergarten.

Children in Curiosity Corner work together with partners and in small groups as they explore new concepts and share information. Instructional strategies help to ensure that children are motivated to learn and also help their peers to learn.

Research shows that engaging in imaginary play has a myriad of benefits for young children. Plan and Play provides the opportunity for children to engage in imaginary play for an extended period of time.

Rich, active, upfront training prepares teachers to begin implementing their program:

  • Two on-site training days are scheduled for teachers, assistants and administrators.
  • Training outlines program objectives and prepares staff to begin implementation.

Goal-Focused Achievement Planning – As the school year begins, school/district leaders and your coach will develop specific instructional goals and outcomes. Each school receives:

  • Quarterly monitoring of progress toward schoolwide goals.
  • Periodic sessions to examine data with leadership and staff to establish targets and interventions for the next quarter.

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