KinderCorner is a full-day comprehensive kindergarten program. Because the key to success in reading is a strong foundation in vocabulary and oral expression, KinderCorner’s primary focus is on oral-language development. KinderCorner has rich thematic units to teach students critical science and social studies concepts. The units provide detailed, stimulating curriculum with complete literacy and math programs. The program also provides support for the children’s families, teachers, and communities.

Developing Language and Literacy

KinderCorner graduates will be talking up a storm about topics ranging from Those Nearest & Dearest to Earth Day Is Every Day. They’ll be confident beginning readers with a love of books. Detailed, daily lesson plans provide fast-paced, interactive teacher presentations and engaging learning centers. Thematic materials in classroom kits, including children’s literature, puppets, games, and more, make this program easy to use. KinderCorner teachers prepare their students for a lifetime of success!

“When the kindergarten program was developed, we received a great deal of resistance from others because it reinforced sound recognition as opposed to letter names. 10 years later, reminiscing about how these 5 year olds were able to attack words still makes the hair on my arms stand up. Thank you. Success for All allowed our youngsters to be successful.”
~Paul Ritz, Former SFA Principal, Chandler, AZ

A Thematic Approach

KinderCorner is based on constructivist principles of developmentally appropriate practice—the understanding that children learn by constructing their own knowledge. By interacting with real, familiar objects and with the people around them, children build on and change their existing understandings. In KinderCorner, the principles of developmentally appropriate practice are interwoven through concrete, age-appropriate activities that target nine developmental domains.

KinderCorner development draws from various sources, including:

  • research on child development and early childhood education;
  • the guidelines of the International Reading
    Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children;
  • National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards;
  • the federal “No Child Left Behind” legislation and Reading First requirements
  • College and Career Readiness Standards and state curriculum standards; and
  • recommendations of the National Research Council.


  • KinderCorner 2nd Edition Teacher’s Manual
  • High-quality hand puppets
  • 16 two-week theme guides
  • 35 short videos build background knowledge and vocabulary
  • More than 100 children’s books
  • 19 full-color phonetically regular Shared Stories with a take-home copy for every student
  • Up to 500 activity cards in two handy storage boxes
  • More than 150 phonics picture cards in a handy storage box
  • 16 SFA Big Books with individual copies for every student
  • Pack of 22 classroom posters
  • Music and read-along CDs
  • Engaging puzzles, games, and picture card sets
  • Interactive-whiteboard resources to add to every theme

For information, including samples, pricing, and more, please email

For information, including samples, pricing, and more, please email

“I feel that my students are
very successful [in KinderCorner]. They really learn concepts. They relate prior learning to current themes.”
~Terri Ramirez, SFA Teacher,
San Antonio, TX