Leading for Success

To make profound systemic changes – to liberate students through literacy – requires leadership. It requires all school staff to work together towards a common, well-defined goal. It takes long-term commitment, professional training, a detailed action plan, set targets, progress reports and a culture of achievement.

It takes Leading for Success.

We work with schools to create achievement plans that are customized to their unique challenges and needs. The Success for All Foundation coach works hand in hand with school leadership teams to develop and monitor a progress plan. Through participation in the leadership teams, everyone in school contributes to the success of the plan, setting priorities and helping to identify areas of concern and their root causes, as well as appropriate interventions to remedy these.

At SFAF, we are as committed as our school partners to Leading by Success. We work with them to develop and implement plans, and then to monitor them throughout the year, revising and fine-tuning them as needed. SFAF provides program support and coaching through onsite visits, as well as telephone help and online resources, including webinars and tutorials.

As schools gain expertise over the course of the three-year plan, responsibility for propelling them to achieve their goals falls more to their own leadership team. Our goal is to make each school responsible for its own success.