Grade 2-6: Reading Wings

Reading Wings provides research-based instructional processes and classroom materials for ninety-minute daily lessons and targets the needs of students reading on the second- through sixth-grade levels to build comprehension, vocabulary, and a love of reading.

To ensure that students become proficient readers, Reading Wings uses Success for All’s core instructional structures to target vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency, oral-language development, and written expression by providing students with rich experiences using both narrative and expository text.

“After 21+ years, there are many fond memories. I think the best is when the student feels comfortable enough to own their learning. My advice is to trust the process and implement with fidelity every single day. It’s amazing how much students learn from this program. Top notch!!”
~Mandy Watson Merando

Each six-day Reading Wings lesson cycle centers around a narrative or expository trade book or basal selection. Trade-book titles include Arthur’s New Puppy, Life in the Rainforests, and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, to name a few. Harcourt/Houghton-Mifflin, Scott Foresman, and Macmillan/McGraw-Hill series are the basals supported by Reading Wings. 

Reading Wings lessons allow for:

background building

specific and technical vocabulary development

of targeted

team discussion



One of three levels of instruction— introduction, prompt and reinforce, and independent use—is built into each skill lesson to develop skills such as drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, and determining cause and effect. 

Reading Wings supports direct instruction in reading strategies and independent strategic reading. The Savvy Reader introduces each of the four core comprehension strategies—clarifying, questioning, predicting, and summarizing—with engaging video and lessons that follow an explicit process. Strategy use is then monitored in every lesson that follows, and independent, effective use of strategies to enhance comprehension is celebrated.

For information, including samples, pricing, and more, please email

For information, including samples, pricing, and more, please email

“The skills, cooperative learning and partner reading, the structure and the impact that the different components have upon the children is unbelievable. We have gone from the lowest school in our district to the highest, and we have 95% economically disadvantaged children.”
~Jerry Allen, Retired Principal, San Antonio, TX