Fast and Fun Mastery of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics for Grades 1 and 2

Each day includes instruction that develops phonics and phonemic-awareness skills through fun, fast-paced, and systematic FastTrack lessons. Colorful mnemonic picture cards, Alphie and Cami puppets, rhymes, chants, media, and games bring the lessons to life. The many opportunities for partner work and sharing motivate students to participate and learn together.

FastTrack Phonics ensures that students master the basics of reading:

phonemic awareness

letter-sound correspondence

word-level blending

beginning spelling

FastTrack Phonics is a systematic program that makes learning phonics fun, fast, and easy. It can be used with any reading program.

“I have been an elementary school teacher for nearly 20 years. In all that time, FastTrack Phonics has been my absolute favorite program to use with developing readers. The daily lessons provide my students with easy-to-follow activities that combine both reading and writing in an engaging way. They have fun while they learn, and even my struggling students have become proficient readers and spellers this year. The smiles on their faces as they read (and comprehend) are priceless.”
~1st Grade Teacher, Monarch Learning Academy, Orlando, FL

Irresistible Videos Introduce Critical Concepts!

Phonemic Awareness – Alphie the Alligator, Cami the Bee and their puppet friends blend separate sounds to make words and break spoken words into their individual sounds.

Letter-Sound Correspondence – Engaging, memorable animations create a multisensory link between the letters and the sounds they make.

Word-Level Blending – In the Sound and the Furry, Alphie and his wacky friends model how to sound out words in creative skits.

Word Chunking – The Finger Detective helps his puppet friends break words into syllables to make sounding out long words manageable.

These delightful videos are integrated into the lessons to provide lots of effective practice and to ensure student mastery. Students respond to the video skits, helping the puppets sound out the words.

Powerful Instructional Strategies

Fast-paced 20-30 minute lessons provide hands-on, “mouths-on” practice to make phonics skills automatic.

  • Group response routines and cooperative learning engage all students as active learners.
  • Games, such as Say-It-Fast, Break-It-Down, and Quick Erase, make skills practice fun.
  • Students work with partners to practice blending sounds into words until all students reach mastery.

Memorable visuals build rapid mastery of the basics.

  • Engaging online lessons display the activities.
  • Fun Animated Alphabet segments introduce letter-sound correspondences.
  • Keycards displayed in the classroom remind students of learned sounds.
  • Sound and the Furry videos model critical skills like sound blending.
  • Optional decodable readers (Shared Stories) Built-in

Assessments ensure that each student has mastered all the objectives, every step of the way.

  • Using assessment information, you will be able to generate individual student or whole class reports to help you tailor your instruction to meet the specific needs of your students and move at a fast pace.

Professional Development Support

  • A one-day onsite training
  • One day of follow-up coaching to assist you with monitoring student progress and troubleshooting to maximize success

For information, including samples, pricing, and more, please email

For information, including samples, pricing, and more, please email

“I love everything about FTP!
I love the key cards, the videos, and how it matches the science of reading! It is going well in my classroom- almost through all of the vowel teams!”
~Katie Shanholtzer

“I love all the videos and phrases to help students recall them. My students use them all the time in reading and writing! My students are always engaged during fast track!”
~Annie Varsolona