Pitney Bowes helps our youngest students jumpstart their academic careers.

Children in low-income homes are exposed to 30 million fewer words than their high-income counterparts. These children are entering elementary schools already behind. This has long-term ramifications. Two out of three children struggling with reading in kindergarten will NOT be proficient by third grade. Third grade reading proficiency is critical to breaking the cycle of low student achievement and poverty. We must give these children the tools necessary to break this cycle and Pitney Bowes is helping us do just that.

Pitney Bowes funding made the development of KinderCorner Home Links possible. These Home Link videos serve as a bridge between the lessons and skills taught at school and the children’s home. The Home Links are 25-minute shows to be viewed by children and their families at home. These shows include stories, songs, dictionary words, and numerous videos from Sesame Workshop and Lomax, The Hound of Music television series. Each 25-minute show includes letters and literacy, math, story book, and movement that link back to the lessons the students learned at school that day.

Preliminary data from the KinderCorner Home Links are very positive. 90% of parents reported watching the Home Links between at least one time a week, with 70% reporting that the student watched at least three to four times a week. 100% report that another member of the family, either parent or sibling, watched with the student. 90% of the teachers participating in the pilot say the Home Links have had a positive effect on their student’s literacy development. Pitney Bowes is making a difference for our nation’s youngest elementary students!