Resources for Remote Learning

To help support the SFA Community during this time of unprecedented online learning, we are providing extensive resources to help teach SFA in a virtual environment.  These materials are to be used solely within the Success for All community (schools and parents), and are not provided for general public use. You may copy and paste the links to these resources and share them with your parents electronically as needed.  Don’t forget to check the SFA Online Resources site for other great supports.


Getting Along Together

In addition to the files below, many other GAT resources, posters, blackline masters, video’s etc. are posted on the SFA Online Resources site.

General Resources

Curiosity Corner

General Resources

Curiosity Corner Theme Guides

Curiosity Corner Concepts of Print Books


Kinder Corner

General Resources

Kinder Corner / Descubre Conmigo Theme Guides


Kinder Corner / Descubre Conmigo Big Books

Kinder Corner Concepts of Print Books

KinderRoots Phonics

Kinder Corner Shared Stories


5-1-7-7: A 1 on 1, 20-minute tutoring program to support Roots students with fluency, sound and word recognition and blending, use of strategies, comprehension and skill-focused writing.


Reading Roots / LeeConmigo

General Resources

Reading Roots Teacher Manuals

Fast Track Phonics

Families and Fast Track Phonics – This presentation helps parents support their kids in phonics instruction. Supplemental Materials for Parents: Animated Alphabet Video, Cat Puppet Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Kangaroo Puppet Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Reading Roots Shared Stories

LeeConmigo Shared Stories

Reading Wings / Alas para Leer

General Resources

    • Access to the Student and Test Editions for Reading Wings 21st Century titles, Savvy Reader, Wonders, and Journeys 2014 are available for students. Students can access a PDF of the vocabulary, Team Talk Questions, Word Power, and Assessment from home. Teachers provide a code for the cycle for students to enter and see the Targeted Treasure Hunt Student Editions. Click here for instructions.
    • We have uploaded an extensive library of student pages for Targeted Treasure Hunts that are in Microsoft Word to make it easier for teachers to use the documents on online platforms like Google Classroom.  Click here to see what is available.
    • Example of a Reading Wings Bitmoji Online Classroom
    • Strategy Checklist for students to use as they read.

Parent Presentations

Word Power

Ideas That Matter Books: Full-color Reading Wings 4th Edition Targeted Treasure Hunt stories, written by Success for All Foundation

Alas para Leer 

Savvy Reader

Reading Comprehension Materials

Reading Comprehension (RC) materials were a part of SFA’s original Reading Wings program. They are designed to teach specific reading comprehension skills following the Cycle of Effective Instruction and utilizing Cooperative Learning. While some reading comprehension skill expectations may have changed in complexity since they were first published, they are included here as an additional resource for your toolbox. They may be used as a team or individual activity as your virtual or onsite classroom allows.

Teacher Instruction
• A guide for teachers that includes modeling and whole-class guided practice activities for each skill.

Student Practice Booklets include three practice activities:
• Team Consensus: Designed for teams to read together, practice together and come to consensus on their response.
• Team Mastery: Designed for team members to complete on their own and then compare responses to ensure all team members have mastered the skill. If all team members have mastered the skill, they are ready for Time for Checkout.
• Time for Checkout: Designed as an individual practice for students to check their own understanding and provide additional practice if necessary.

Student Test Booklet
• Designed as an individual assessment. Students complete on their own and then turn in to the teacher.

Reading Edge

General Resources

Getting Started Units

Level 1

Levels 2-8H 



SFA Math Support PreK-8