Wells Academy, Steubenville, OH


Wells Academy went from being one of the worst schools for literacy to being rated one of the top elementary schools in the entire state of Ohio. And we did it by implementing the Success for All programs. If SFA was adopted throughout Ohio, there’d be a dramatic increase in overall achievement in test scores and, I believe, that these students would go on to be very, very, very productive citizens.

And, if SFA was adopted across America, in 10 to 20 years, I think unemployment would be down because we’d have more skilled and productive workers and likely less crime and drug use, because these kids would grow up as critical thinkers.

That gives you a sense of how good I think SFA is, but it also reflects how I feel about the future of these children.

Going from the worst to one of the best wasn’t a lesson lost on these kids. They know now what success feels like and they’re committed to improving.