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Funding Opportunities

We constantly monitor federal programs and other funding opportunities that can make it easier for schools to afford Success for All.

Currently, low-achieving schools can apply to their states for federal School Improvement grants (SIG). Regulations issued in 2014 open up the grants to allow schools to adopt a proven, whole-school-reform model, while keeping current staff in place.

The new model requires that schools adopt a program that has been successfully evaluated in at least one study that meets the What Works Clearinghouse standards. The programs must also serve every child in a school and have standards and supports for instruction and learning, school leadership, student nonacademic issues, and family and community engagement (criteria all met by SFA). Unlike the original model, this whole-school-reform model does not require a school to fire its principal and make other disruptive changes.

Under the recently passed Every Student Achieves Act (ESSA), SIG funding will still be available to low-achieving schools, but all will have to adopt programs that meet one of three evidence standards defined in the law: Strong, moderate, or promising. SFA meets the strong standards, and should be favored in the new SIG program. Schools applying for SIG funding in spring, 2016 will continue with the existing rules, but in spring, 2017, the new ESSA roles will go into effect. Either way, SFA is an outstanding choice for SIG, as it has long experience working with committed educators to make a big difference in struggling schools.

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