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To stay relevant in the educational field today requires the ability to hit a shifting target. Your support helps us to improve existing programs and develop new ones as school priorities and goals change, and as new technologies come into play. Every dollar makes a difference. If you have any questions about your donation, please contact

Our current development projects include:

  • PowerTeaching Math is a powerful mathematics curriculum that challenges students in grades 6-8 to work cooperatively together to develop mathematical thinking skills and concepts. In order to even better prepare these students for the 21st Century workplace, we would like to develop power-up cycles, which are 2-3 day instructional modules that enable teachers to personalize learning by providing  review or extension of the unit for each student based on their individual needs.
  • Reading Roots  has been a very successful beginning reading curriculum used in Success for All schools for over 25 years. It was last revised in 2009. We need to update the technological features as well as to refine the instructional model in order to have the greatest impact on student success.

Your support will help us evolve our approach in response, leveraging the latest research and the new insights we glean from individual schools and students.

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wtg“As a prior funder of research related to Success for All, the foundation has great regard for SFA’s commitment to high quality research as an essential ingredient in sorting out effective reforms in education.  SFA is a model for what a learning organization should be.  From the outset, SFA has wed strong values about helping the least advantaged young people in our society to a sophisticated R&D strategy that undergirds a culture of continuous improvement.”