Patrick Henry Elementary School
Alexandria, VA


We brought Success for All to our school because our children were performing very poorly in literacy and guided reading. We serve a very diverse community.

There are 35 different countries represented in our student body, and a high percentage of their families are in socioeconomic despair.

When I became principal, the state assessment gave us a failing grade of 48%. After two full years implementing Success for All, we were reassessed and our score shot up to 72%.

SFA’s been a game-changer in the lives of my children. Opportunities have opened up and students that had no hope now have access to the world.
This program has given them literature which in turn allows children to explore and discover the world.

If every child in America had access to Success for All, every child would be able to reach their ultimate potential.

The contribution they’d make to their families, communities, the country and the world would be immeasurable.