Who We Are

The Successful for All Foundation is committed to enabling every child to read and succeed. It was founded by Dr. Robert Slavin and Dr. Nancy Madden, who were united in the 1970s by a shared passion to improve education, especially for children from disadvantaged circumstances.

Working as researchers at Johns Hopkins University, they turned basic research into comprehensive programs designed to harness the power of kids, unlocking their potential through cooperative learning.

The pair worked directly with educators to establish and disseminate their methods – receiving international recognition along the way – and turned Successful for All into a full-fledged not-for-profit. They are backed in their mission to erase illiteracy and change lives by a committed and experienced leadership team and Board of Directors.

At 30 years of age, the Success for All Foundation continues its strong, productive bond with Johns Hopkins University and its mission to deliver the promise of literacy to all. The university’s Center for Research and Reform in Education works with SFA to develop, research and disseminate reading programs pre-K through grade 12.

Board of Directors

Barbara Haxby-Brady
Chairman of the Board

Barbara Haxby-Brady served as Vice President of Professional Development at the Success for All Foundation from 1998-2015, and during this time, directed all aspects of professional development for SFA staff and for 1,100 schools in the U.S. She is the primary developer of the Getting Along Together program, the Solutions program, and the Leading for Success program, which guide schools in school-wide prevention planning and problem solving, as well as parent involvement. In addition, Ms. Haxby-Brady worked closely with the Center for Data Driven Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University to develop ongoing leadership and data analysis training and professional development for school districts. She is a co-author of Two Million Children, which describes 20 years of development of the Success for All program. She currently spends most of her free time climbing mountains in Colorado, where she resides with her husband.

Robert Slavin, Ph.D.
Board Member

Nancy Madden, Ph.D.
Board Member

Myra Williams, Ph.D.
Board Member

Dr. Williams recently served as president and CEO of Molecular Applications Group, a bioinformatics company that developed proprietary technology to predict gene and protein function for use in pharmaceutical and agricultural product discovery. Previously, Dr. Williams was vice president of Worldwide R & D Information Resources for Glaxo Wellcome plc and vice president and chief information officer of Glaxo, Inc. She served in an executive capacity at Merck Research Laboratories for more than 20 years. Dr. Williams is a board member for a number of companies and a consultant to venture capital, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and software companies.

Kent McGuire, Ph.D.
Board Member

Kent McGuire is the Program Director of Education at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. He leads the investments of our deeper learning and open educational resources strategies, with a focus on helping all students succeed in college, work and civic life. Kent is a veteran of the national education movement for public education.  Previously, Kent was the President and CEO of the Southern Education Foundation, an organization committed to advancing public education in the American South, with a focus on equity and excellence. Prior to that, he served as the Dean of the College of Education at Temple University and was a tenured professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.  From 2001 to 2003, Kent was a senior vice president at the Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, where he split his time between research projects on school reform and directing its department on education, children and youth. He has also been an education program officer at the Pew Charitable Trusts and directed the education program at the Lilly Endowment. Kent served as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education from 1998 to 2001.  Kent earned his Ph.D. in public administration from the University of Colorado, an M.A. from Columbia University Teacher’s College, and a B.A in economics from the University of Michigan. He serves on the boards of the Wallace Foundation, the Institute for Education Leadership, and the Panasonic Foundation.

Peggy E. Reed
Board Member

Miss Reed served most recently as a Software Director at Avaya, Inc, where she was responsible for the quality of their contact center and unified communication portfolios. Prior to Avaya, Miss Reed held technical management positions at Sybase, and several startups. In addition, Miss Reed has provided consulting services for telecommunications companies, including US West, DEX Media.

Executive Leadership Team

Lynsey Seabrook
Chief Executive Officer
(800) 548-4998, ext. 2331

Dr. Lynsey Seabrook brings more than two decades of experience leading educators driven to achieving educational success for every student. Seabrook also holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership.  Dr. Seabrook joined Success for All in 1997 after working as a school social worker in a Success for All school in California.  She saw firsthand the power of Success for All to support the school to address instruction, schoolwide intervention systems, and family engagement to improve student learning.  Seabrook worked nationally with schools serving economically disadvantaged and minority students, assisting school leaders and teachers to identify leverage points for change and build data-based continuous improvement, achieving great success.  Dr. Seabrook took on a role as Vice President in 2008 and then COO, and was identified by the board as Dr. Madden’s successor in 2018.

Donna Bosmeny
Vice President of Human Resources and Administration
(800) 548-4998, ext. 2376

Donna Bosmeny is the Vice President of Administration & Human Resources with the Foundation.   She has been with SFAF since 1998, and has been working in the field of Human Resources for more than 30 years.    Donna joined the SFAF Foundation to utilize her broad experience in a mission-oriented setting and quickly engaged with the Foundation’s mission to impact schools by providing and implementing research-proven strategies.

Tracy Heitmeier
Vice President of Field Operations
(520) 977-3119


Robert Slavin, Ph.D.


Dr. Slavin is currently Director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University, and part-time Professor at the Institute for Effective Education at the University of York (England). He also serves as a member of the Success for All Foundation Board.

The many awards he has received include the Outstanding Leadership in Education Award from the Horace Mann League in 1999, the Distinguished Services Award from the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2000, the AERA Review of Research Award in 2009, the Palmer O. Johnson Award for the best article in an AERA journal in 2008. Dr. Slavin was appointed as a Member of the National Academy of Education in 2009 and an AERA Fellow in 2010.

Nancy A. Madden, Ph.D.


Dr. Madden is a professor at the Center for Research and Reform in Education at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University and at the University of York Institute for Effective Education.  She also serves as a member of the Success for All Foundation Board.

An expert in literacy and instruction, Dr. Madden is the author or coauthor of many articles and books on cooperative learning, mainstreaming, and the education of disadvantaged students, including Effective Programs for Students at Risk (Allyn & Bacon, 1989) and Two Million Children: Success for All (Corwin, 2009).