Who we Are

Our Story

The Successful for All Foundation is committed to enabling every child to read and succeed. It was founded by Dr. Robert Slavin and Dr. Nancy Madden, who were united in the 1970s by a shared passion to improve education, especially for children from disadvantaged circumstances.

Working as researchers at Johns Hopkins University, they turned basic research into comprehensive programs designed to harness the power of kids, unlocking their potential through cooperative learning.

The pair worked directly with educators to establish and disseminate their methods – receiving international recognition along the way – and turned Successful for All into a full-fledged not-for-profit. They are backed in their mission to erase illiteracy and change lives by a committed and experienced leadership team and Board of Directors.

The Success for All Foundation continues its strong, productive bond with Johns Hopkins University and its mission to deliver the promise of literacy to all. The university’s Center for Research and Reform in Education works with SFA to develop, research and disseminate reading programs pre-K through grade 12.

With the help of the SFA program, 63% of students at Indian oasis elementary in Tuson have passed the aims in reading, and 70% are reading on grade level.