Success for All is honored to be recognized as an awardee of Nicholas Kristof’s 2022 Holiday Impact Prize.

“Across the country there is broad recognition that we are underperforming in education and that a lot of kids are being left behind, but there isn’t a lot of agreement on the diagnosis or remedy. I am thrilled to honor the Success for All Foundation as a winner of this year’s Holiday Impact Prize because its unique, research and metrics-based approach to transforming schools and cutting literacy gaps is making a difference. A donation to Success for All will allow the foundation to spread the joy and power of reading to more children.” – Nicholas Kristof, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist

For over three decades, SFA has helped administrators and teachers transform elementary schools by focusing on achieving grade-level performance in reading for every student, regardless of background.

Every $200 raised covers the full annual cost of our comprehensive program for one student – a life-changing opportunity for tens of thousands of children who are struggling to learn how to read.